Art Classes for kids and adults

Creating a 2-D
rendition on canvas requires either the ability to masterfully wield a
paintbrush or the strength to flatten a fruit bowl. Discover your artful brawn
with today’s art learning methods at Living Art Studio in Fremont. Choose from the
following options:

  • For $69,
    you get a three-hour motion-drawing workshop for adults (an $84 value).
    Workshops take place at 6 p.m. on Sundays and include materials.

  • For $80,
    you get a 60-minute weekly art class for four consecutive weeks for
    students aged 4–7 (a $100 value). Each class includes materials.

  • For $135,
    you get a 90-minute weekly art class for four consecutive weeks for
    students aged 8 and older (a $150 value). Each class includes materials.

Under the
tutelage of renowned realist painter Marina Bichinsky, Living Art Studio’s
pupils discover rudimentary and advanced artistic techniques in intimate group
classes designed to accommodate each student with abundant amounts of
individual attention. Adults in three-hour motion-drawing workshops capture
images of still-life setups and live models via wet and dry media while
experimenting with charcoal varieties and paper size, and encouraging the
models to reenact Caddyshack. Students learn from an MFA instructor how
to take a subject from real life and interpret it on a page after discussing
light, gesture, and movement and how these affect the mood of a drawing.

Courses geared
toward burgeoning artistes aged 4–7 imbue youngsters with fundamental artistic
concepts, such as balance, depth, perspective, variety, and not coloring
giraffes purple. Sessions for students aged 8 and older pair small groups of
apprentices with an MFA instructor for intensive sessions that apply everything
from basic skills to advanced color study to exercises in still life, figures,
portraits, and landscapes. Living Art Studio encourages students to dress in
preparation for occasional mess and paint wars.

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